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Ken isn’t your typical dog trainer. What sets him apart is how he thinks out of the box, working with the dog’s innate character instead of suppressing it, encouraging the dog to be exposed to different levels of stress instead of avoiding it, teaching owners how to step up and manage their dog better, in a way that results in mutual respect and understanding between owner and dog.

Ken is able to put a dog’s issue into perspective, relate it to our human daily life, in a way that an owner is able to understand their dog better. Our training programmes are created with this in mind, to empower dog owners with techniques that build a stronger bond and understanding between dog and owner, help owners manage their dog better, and create a more enjoyable and harmonious life together.

One would be surprised of Ken’s career background. He was an audio engineer in the live events industry, and at the height of his career, was a Group Operations Director in a well-known technical production company based in Singapore. Having travelled the world for corporate events, as well as working in its offices within Asia, he was indeed successful in this industry, having 15 years of experience under his belt. However, he felt something missing and was unsatisfied with where this path was leading him. So in 2014, he took a major risk in switching careers from the AV/Events industry to the pets industry, to fulfill the passion he had for dogs.
He started out volunteering at a dog rescue shelter while taking up a dog grooming course, where he received his Class C qualification in Professional Dog Grooming.

Ken started off learning how to train dogs on his own, and for the most part, his teachers have been and still are the dogs themselves. However, he felt the need to gain more in-depth and hands-on knowledge in dog training, and so he went to the United States of America in 2017, where he further developed his ability and skills in dog training.

At The Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, he was paired with one of their working line Belgian Malinois and completed courses in Puppy Development, Management, Motivation and Obedience Intensive. He also attended courses at Solid K9 Training, which specializes in behaviour modification, and in particular, enrolled in their Shadow Program where he received hands-on training with their board-and-train dogs.

As dog training is ever-evolving, he consistently reads up on topics pertaining to dog training and behaviour, keeps up with developments and trends in the dog training world via various dog trainer groups online, as well as enrols in online courses, especially with his mentor Michael Ellis, to continue expanding his skill and knowledge. To add on to his list of dog training courses taken, Ken completed online courses in Behaviour Modification as well as Protection Theory with his mentor.

Ken has worked with a variety of dogs, from mixed breed dogs to pedigree dogs, from the young to the old, from the small to the big. Many say Ken has a knack for working with the ‘troublemakers’ – the hyperactive, the fearful and the misunderstood who often are labeled ‘aggressive’.

You may often see on our social media, Ken’s personal dogs helping the dogs that come in for training. They are all of different characters – from the shy to the bold, the lazy to the hyperactive, the peace-lover to the fighter – which gives Ken himself firsthand, personal experience, knowing what owners have to go through with their dogs.

Ken doesn’t have one set style of training dogs. He adapts his training methods and techniques to suit each individual dog, to suit each individual owner. He always keeps the client in mind, providing realistic solutions for his clients to manage their dog in an easier way which is better and clearer for both.

That’s what makes him different.

Attended Courses at Dog Training Schools

Ken was mentored by the lead trainers/founders of two well-known dog training schools in the US, gaining hands-on experience in behaviour creation and behaviour modification.

Adaptive Training Style

Ken adapts his training method and technique to suit each individual dog and owner.

Keeps Up-To-Date on Training

As dog training is ever-evolving, Ken consistently reads up as well as enrols in online courses.

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