Puppy Development Class

Puppy Development Class


Start on the right track with your puppy by learning how to bond with them, create good experiences for them, as well as how to properly manage your puppy.


Puppy Development Class

Course Outline:

✓ Management (Usage of Crate/Playpen; Housebreaking)
✓ Bonding and Engagement
✓ Habituation and Handling Skill
✓ Confidence Building
✓ Socialisation
✓ Basics of Leash Walking and Redirection

Tools That May Be Used:

• Treat Pouch
• Harness
• Standard Leash (length of 1.2m/4ft or 1.8m/6ft)
• Long Leash (length of 3m to 5m)
• Crate or Playpen

Duration / Frequency

4 sessions
Once a week; Each session lasts approximately 1 hour

Class Fees

For 1-on-1 Classes
S$480 per dog
* For multiple dog households, second dog onwards would be S$240 per dog.

Make Your Own Group Class
S$300 per dog
* For family members not staying in the same household or for friends, who want to train their dogs together.
* Up to a maximum of 4 dogs.

Please Note:
1) Owners would be required to commit to the classes held once a week and complete the course within 1.5 months
2) All classes would be held at our centre
3) Dogs would have to have completed all necessary vaccinations two weeks prior to starting class
4) Dogs up to the age of 6 months are suitable for this class, however the age range is only a guideline. Whether this programme is suitable for you and your dog depends on the issues you are having with your puppy and/or what you would like to achieve from the training
5) Maximum number of persons allowed to attend class would be advised upon registration of interest
6) There may not be immediate availability for class, so please register your interest early, via the enquiry form on our Contact page

Client Testimonials

Very supportive, and helped soothe a lot of our worries as first time puppy owners! Very patient, and lots of insight gleaned from their years of experience.
Dawn, attended Puppy Development Class with Superhans

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