Obedience Class

Obedience Class


Focusing on obedience cues, learn the use of techniques and tools to communicate with your dog and achieve a high level of responsiveness from your dog.

This class teaches you the standard obedience cues, how to build up your dog’s responsiveness to the verbal cue, carrying them out with and without distraction, and to make use of these skills to manage your dog in various situations or environments.


Obedience Class

General Course Outline:

✓ Engagement and Motivation
✓ Luring
✓ Obedience Cues (Sit, Down, Stay, Heel)
✓ Executing Obedience Cues with and without Distraction

Tools That May Be Used:

• Treat Pouch
• Slip Lead or Collar (standard or training collar)
• Harness
• Standard Leash (length of 1.2m/4ft or 1.8m/6ft)
• Long Leash (length of 3m and above) or Retractable Leash

Duration / Frequency

6 or 8 Sessions
Once a week; Each session may be between 1 to 1.5 hours

Class Fees

For 1-on-1 Classes
6 Sessions for Foundation Class graduates

8 Sessions for non-Foundation Class graduates

Should additional sessions be required for final assessment or completion of course for certification recognised by AVS
S$150 per session

Please Note:
1) Owners would be required to commit to the classes held once a week and complete the course within a 2- to 3-month period
2) Classes would be held at our centre
3) This Obedience Class is not designed for Behaviour Modification
4) Dogs from the age of 10 months are suitable for this class, however the age range is only a guideline. Whether this programme is suitable for you and your dog depends on the issues you are having with your dog and/or what you would like to achieve from the training
5) Maximum number of persons allowed to attend class would be advised upon registration of interest
6) There may not be immediate availability for class, so please register your interest early, via the enquiry form on our Contact page

Client Testimonials

Ken ensured that he observed and understood how each dog was responding to the training and what each handler was doing right/wrong. He was very generous in sharing and never cut short the training/advice just because time was up. He would also share his less-than-perfect experience with his own dogs to let us know that training takes time and effort. A very down-to-earth and humble trainer, who uses a good balance of positive reinforcement and disciplinary approach. And you know he’s doing it right when all his dogs show him affection and respect, not fear.
Sheryl, attended Obedience Class with Sundae


As first-time dog owners, we really didn’t know how to handle Amber although she is already a calm dog. With the effective and patient training from Ken to Amber (and us), we have a better bond with Amber and we are so happy of her becoming a confident and happy dog (never thought she can ‘Sit’ on cue). Also was very impressed to see how Ken trains active dogs to follow commands!
Winnie, attended Obedience Class with Amber


Each lesson was a fun and memorable one. The best parts are that they shared a lot of experiences, listened to how I did my training during the week and corrected/adjusted the steps every week.
Sharon, attended Basic Obedience Class with Lenard


We are proud of what Brownie has achieved so far. We only have had him for 5 months and he’s now a different (better-mannered) dog from the day we got him. It’s still work in progress but we are hopeful.
Naz, attended Basic Obedience Class with Brownie

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