Foundation Class

Foundation Class


Build up the foundation between you and your dog – create a stronger relationship with your dog, communicate and understand each other.

This class imparts to you the knowledge towards understanding your dog better, the usage of techniques and tools to manage your dog’s behaviour, and helps your dog understand your expectations too.

This class covers the fundamental skills that will benefit you and your dog in everyday life, and is also a prelude to our Obedience Class.


Foundation Class

Course Outline:

✓ Engagement and Motivation
✓ Impulse Control
✓ The Silent Language aka Leash Management
✓ Resolving Conflicts of Interest between you and your dog

Tools That May Be Used:

• Treat Pouch
• Slip Lead or Collar
• Standard Leash (length of 1.2m/4ft or 1.8m/6ft)

Duration / Frequency

4 sessions
Once a week; Each session may be between 1 to 1.5 hours

Class Fees

For 1-on-1 Classes
S$550 per dog
* For multiple dog households, second dog onwards would be S$275 per dog.

Make Your Own Group Class
S$350 per dog
* For family members not staying in the same household or for friends, who want to train their dogs together.
* Up to a maximum of 4 dogs.

Please Note:
1) Owners would be required to commit to classes held once a week and complete the course within 1.5 months
2) All classes would be held at our centre
3) Dogs from the age of 6 months are suitable for this class. However the age range is only a guideline. Whether this programme is suitable for you and your dog depends on the issues you are having with your dog and/or what you would like to achieve from the training.
4) Maximum number of persons allowed to attend class would be advised upon registration of interest
5) There may not be immediate availability for class, so please register your interest early, via the enquiry form on our Contact page

Client Testimonials

Taught us so much – not just about the technicalities of dog training but also about ourselves. Tools are as important as a patient heart. Their sincerity, intuitiveness and generosity with their time has definitely touched our hearts.
Stef, attended Foundation Class with Pepé


As a first-time owner, I had many queries during the lessons and they did not rush through in answering them and explained the methods to fix certain issues. This shows that they are very passionate in what they are doing and truly care for the owner and dogs that are with them. It has been a fruitful experience for both my dog and myself. I had gained a lot of knowledge from the class.
Janelle, attended Foundation Class with Hugo


Canine Solutions’ Foundation Class was really an eye-opener for me. I had gained a lot of knowledge from the class – in terms of engaging, luring and creating new experiences for my dog through positive reinforcements. Ken, the trainer, is one who is knowledgeable and most willing to answer any queries. I would definitely encourage dog owners to go for this Foundation Class to understand and build better rapport with their dogs!
Rose, attended Foundation Class with Sushi


Ken covered everything well, especially as we had Q&A in between the practical part. I especially appreciate it when Ken broke down the practical part into simple steps – when to say the word and reward timing.
Felita, attended Foundation Class with Whiskey


The course lesson theory and practical (is) very useful in our everyday dealings with our dogs. Also explained and demonstrated the techniques and it has made it easier to manage, engage and understand our dog’s behaviour
Wesley, attended Foundation Class with Becca


Good listener and observant trainer, pays attention to every single detail! Ken is also very generous in terms of sharing his knowledge and experience.
Bernice, attended Foundation Class with Frosty

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