Foundation Camp

Foundation Camp


Our Training Camps are our board-and-train programmes, where your dog will stay with us 24/7 throughout the duration of the camp and follow a routine set by our trainers, which will be beneficial to you, the owner, when your dog returns home.

Similar to our Foundation Class, our Foundation Camp covers the same training topics but in a more in-depth approach, carried out in a daily 1-on-1 routine by our trainer. Our trainer will develop the rapport your dog should have with humans, and pass the techniques on to you, so that you can continue the practice and reinforce the desired behaviour with your dog.


Foundation Camp

Course Outline:

✓ Focus and Engagement with the handler
✓ General Management (eg. Basic Manners, Energy Management)
✓ Behaviour Creation
✓ Leash Management / Loose Leash Walking
✓ Impulse Control

* Training plan will include, but not limited to, the above outline. Camp programme would be tailored to each dog.

Fees / Duration

S$3,000 for 3 weeks

Please Note:
1) Owners would have one handover session at the end of the camp
2) Dogs from the age of 6 months are suitable for this camp, however the age range is only a guideline. Whether this programme is suitable for you and your dog depends on the issues you are having with your dog and/or what you would like to achieve from the training
3) This camp is suitable for dogs who are food-motivated and do not display any behaviour issues (eg. anxiousness, barking, nipping, lunging/charging, aggressive tendencies, resource guarding, reactivity to humans or dogs etc.). Should your dog exhibit such behaviour, we would recommend that you consider our Behaviour Modification Camp.
4) There may not be immediate availability for camp, so please register your interest early, via the enquiry form on our Contact page

Client Testimonials

“Place” training was extremely useful for helping us keep Boba calm when she’s home. Ken and Angie provided clear instructions and taught us how to have Boba walk properly with us. Walks are now really enjoyable, we are able to quickly correct Boba when we need to. To be honest, the Foundation Camp was not only training for Boba, but for us as owners to really understand how to better communicate with her. Ken and Angie were extremely encouraging and patient throughout the entire process, answering and helping us with our concerns with Boba even after the camp.
Kaye, who enrolled Boba in our Foundation Camp

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