Behaviour Modification Camp

Behaviour Modification Camp


Our Behaviour Modification training camp is suitable for owners who are having difficulty in managing their dog’s behaviour, or whose dogs are exhibiting aggressive tendencies (be it to dogs or humans or have fear aggression), resource guarding, anxiety, other fear-related behaviour or as the name suggests, any behaviour that needs modifying.

In some cases, dogs need more consistent and intensive training, which owners may not have the time and skill to do. In our training camp, we are able to provide that level of training, be able to set up scenarios and proof the dog’s behaviour.


Behaviour Modification Camp

Course Outline:

✓ Focus and Engagement with the handler
✓ Building Communication and Motivation
✓ Leash Management
✓ Impulse Control
✓ Counter-conditioning / Redirection
✓ Habituation and Desensitization
✓ Environmental Conditioning

* Training plan will include, but not limited to, the above outline. Camp programme would be tailored to each dog.

Fees / Duration

S$4,000 for 4 weeks
* Includes 1 handover session

S$5,000 for 6 weeks
* Includes 1 mid-camp session and 1 handover session

S$6,000 for 8 weeks
* Includes 1 mid-camp session and 1 handover session

Please Note:
1) Only Foundation Class graduates would be eligible to enroll in the 4-week training camp.
2) Non-Foundation Class graduates can enroll in the 6-week or 8-week training camp.
3) We would be able to recommend the suitable duration of camp for your dog upon receiving further information.
4) There may not be immediate availability for camp, so please register your interest early, via the enquiry form on our Contact page

Client Testimonials

The trainers are passionate about dogs, their welfare, and helping them and their owners. As a first-time dog owner who has found myself facing unexpected challenges with my dog, the staff at Canine Solutions has proven to be extremely supportive, caring and clearly committed to doing their best to help the both of us.
Philip, who enrolled Buddy in our Behaviour Modification Camp


We adopted Phoebe in 2015 and she was a calm and timid dog. However, over the years with no proper training from us, her personality became a little more aggressive than before (and we found out it might have been due to her cataracts). I was worried seeing that I was going to have another child in the family whether it was fit for her to stay in the family. But we decided to leave her in the hands of Canine Solutions to train her (and us). Trainer Ken was very clear and concise with all his training methods and instructions. Every question had a solution that was easy to understand and follow. We put Phoebe there for 2 months and was given weekly updates if not more, about how she was progressing. Phoebe is a world of a difference now. Her walks are easier, her obedience is top notch and her temperament is more energetic than before.
We are so happy we decided to go through this path with Canine Solutions. Thank you so much!
Nicole, owner of Phoebe who enrolled in our Behaviour Modification Training Camp

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