Ad Hoc Session

Ad Hoc Session


Individual sessions tailored to assist you with a particular situation you may have difficulty in handling with your dog. This is suitable for owners who need help with setting up their home for a new puppy or dog joining their household, or who just need a refresher session.



Each session may be between 1 to 1.5 hours

Session Fees

S$300 per session

Follow-up Sessions
S$200 per session

Please Note:
1) Session may be held at our centre or at a specific location. The location would be decided upon receiving information of the problem or situation in hand
2) Maximum number of persons allowed to attend the session would be advised upon registration of interest
3) There may not be immediate availability for ad hoc sessions, so please register your interest early, via the enquiry form on our Contact page

Client Testimonials

Ken is an extremely patient and qualified trainer. Our French Bulldog follows his lead and instructions. Thanks to Ken, we have seen a marked improvement in how our dog walks and behaves to our commands. You can tell that Ken is experienced and a great trainer to any pet family wishing to use his services.
Adhir Chobe, attended Private Training Programme with Clooney

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