We are dedicated to provide the best training and rehabilitation for dogs, and share that knowledge with dog owners so that both human and dog can improve their relationship and build a strong bond with each other to last their lifetime.

Every dog has its own character, and many tend to disregard that. We believe that in training, understanding your dog and having your dog understand you is key. We make the effort to understand your dog first, learning about its character as well as its pace of learning. Dogs, like people, have various temperaments, and so we tweak our training methods to suit both dog and owner.

As an AVA-accredited dog trainer, we are certified to provide training for dogs that are specifically required by AVA to undergo training. We focus on balanced training, using training methods and tools that are suitable and understood by both the dog and owner, to achieve results effectively and maintain the behaviours desired. We work with dogs to bring out their active side, build up their confidence and make learning fun and interesting for them and their owners! Yet at the same time, we work with the dogs on impulse control, teaching them calmness, and showing their owners how to achieve this when they expect it of their dogs. We provide programmes that cover behaviour creation, behaviour modification, obedience training, general management and engagement.

Our training sessions are conducted indoors at our training centre, providing a controlled environment that benefits both dog and owner during their learning process. We also hold sessions outdoors when required, for both owner and dog to practice amidst various distractions of every day life.


Dedicated to provide the best training and rehabilitation for dogs and share knowledge with dog owners

Balanced Training

We use training methods and tools that are suitable for both the dog and owner to create that necessary balance in training

Fun & Interesting

We bring up the dog’s confidence and motivation so that they learn better and training becomes more fun and interesting for both dog and owner!